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This series will show your students the pitfalls of dating when you're not ready and how our hearts were meant for so much more.

The information on this site will help provide the best experience possible for you, your volunteers, and your students.

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Whether in the business world, on a sports team, or even in a family, there must be support and effort among people to work together in effective ways. Ministry Grid captured Jackson discussing student ministry leadership training with Life Way Students Director Ben Trueblood and Life Way Students Specialist Paul Turner."The chemistry between a senior pastor and the youth pastor is probably so important because it's most like what the pastor does," says Jackson.

Jackson encourages that the senior pastor should be involved in the student minister's hiring process and interviews-not as a last step of the process but invested from the beginning.

magazine posted an article penned by a youth pastor who groomed, then sexually abused a girl in his youth group. The anonymous article was saturated with a self-pitying tone, some horrifying reframing of his sin (statutory rape is not an “affair”), and a stunning lack of concern for the young woman upon whom he preyed.

It took a couple of very intense days of social media activity by those infuriated by the platform given to a semi-repentant sexual predator before the editors acknowledged that a few edits could not redeem this terrible piece.

Week 1: Who to Date and How Week 2: Friends Without Benefits Week 3: Let’s Talk About Sex Week 4: DTR: Define Those Relationships! Jesus saved me at 17 while I was on a mission trip.