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We hope to point out a few major reasons why each member is amazing, amusing, and/or admirable, as well as highlight the friendships and relationships between members that make the group what it is. [Myojo, September 2011]   • Yabu: I've made a wonderful point ne ♥ (laugh). JUMP's debut concert, he seems to have spent a lot of time holding Chinen in his lap or cuddling with him. In Wink Up April 2011, Fujigaya responded, Kis-My-Ft2, Fujigaya Taisuke To Chinen-kun-who-looks-good-in-hats, I happened to get to see your con's dress rehearsal and we got to talk there, but I didn't get to go watch the actual concert because I had filming. JUMP, Chinen Yuri To Ohno-kun, When we were rehearsing at the same place the other day, we were able to watch all the other studios through the monitors, so I kept watching Ohno-kun's studio.   • In Potato April 2011, both Yamada and Chinen himself say that Chinen is the quickest on the uptake out of NYC.

There's simply no way we can include every video, interview, photoshoot, and radio conversation. JUMP debuted on November 14, 2007 as a ten-member all-male j-pop group under the agency Johnny's and Associates. JUMP followed on the heels of the temporary junior unit Hey! [Potato, February 2008]☆ Yabu had a very tiny voice as a child!   • They are together for a lot of the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy making-of video.   • During the Dreams Come True making-of video, he says that he wants to help Takaki accomplish his dream of becoming a big star. Takaki is the second oldest member of the group, and gained major popularity when he played a leading role in the third season of Gokusen. On top of that: ☆ Takaki can be on the slow side, and isn't always completely with it. I trust Chinen melted the fans' hearts and made them squee.   • It seems that his grades are all 5’s and he’s really smart.

Tell us what else about your favourite member is amazing. Any addendums to this in the comments would be loved and highly appreciated, and we hope that people who read this will stay to read the comments as well. (laugh)Nakajima: Come to think of it, do you also speak to Takaki-kun like this? Hmm…Chinen: Yuuyan, because he’s slow, he doesn’t notice it. That's the reason why, he talks about uninteresting things so pleasantly (laughs). There are times when I carry him ohime-sama dakko* too. [Wink Up, July 2009]   • Do you have any treasures?   • Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend? But I liked Ryosuke's plump, squishy, nice-feeling cheeks! ()♡ He and Inoo have have similar interests~   • He and Inoo have, if you will, "girl talk" in the Magic Power making-of video. However, should any change be made to the current status quo, this post will (hopefully) be updated to reflect that. Romantically, as friends, or as close groupmates, these sets of members seem to have a lot of chemistry.

And of course, last but not least, we hope you enjoy this post! He looks like he can play with a 100 yen toy for a week. If you call attention to his prank, he'll do the same thing one more time on purpose (*laugh*). [Popolo, January 2008]   • In many making-of videos, such as Hey! , Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, and Over, he is hyper and excited, and goofs off with other members. He'll look at me with「carry me ohime-sama dakko-style♥」-like eyes (*laugh*). Arashi’s Ohno (Satoshi) kun’s signature colored paper. [Myojo, Suptember 2011, translated by ]   • Until about 2 years ago, I got hand-me-downs from Ryosuke, but we don’t have anything matching. Ah, but it’s true that I like Ryosuke gets attention from Yabu. We've selected a few pairings that seem to be popular in fandom to list here, though, of course, there are innumerable (nine members! ♡ Takaki coddled Chinen ALL THE TIME when he was a tiny child (and says he and Chinen are the same mental age...)♡ Takaki is willing to give Chinen lots of attention.♡ Chinen enjoys sitting on Takaki's lap and having Takaki carry him around.♡ They enjoy goofing around together and trolling the other members together.♡ Despite the fact that Inoo is prissy and attention-seeking, he finds Hikaru really funny and joins in acting stupid.

"The usual [itsumo] member," abbreviated as, "Itsumen." He's talented [itsuzai], including the "unique [yuitsu]" meaning as well.   • During the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy making-of video, there's a segment in which Hikaru and Inoo cover Daiki's head with hair clips. 7 is comprised of, from left to right, Okamoto Keito, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, Chinen Yuri.   • Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend?   • He admires Chinen, and when asked "If you were to switch places for one day from the members? I envy him because he can do anything even though he is small." [Potato, May 2008]   • Yamada: Fate is… In short, I think fate is what brought Chinen and I together.