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The end result was perfect, chocolate-y and creamy and just divine.The texture was great too, light and airy, except refrigeration gave it a buttery consistency so though you need to chill the mousse for it to set, leave it out for a bit before serving.

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NASA’s Earth Science Division (ESD) shapes an interdisciplinary view of Earth, exploring interactions among the atmosphere, oceans, ice sheets, land surface interior, and life itself.

This enables scientists to measure global and climate changes and to inform decisions by Government, other organizations, and people in the United States and around the world.

The atmospheric electricity sensors include lightning aloft detectors, cloud-to-ground lightning detectors, and surface electric field mills.

The wind sensors include the 50-MHz and 915-MHz Doppler Radar Wind Profilers (DRWP) and the Doppler capability of the weather surveillance radars.

An STI measures the fluctuations in the difference of atmospheric delay from an extraterrestrial source to two or more points on the Earth.