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Two years previous Flint, Bixby & Co had also purchased along with Northern California associate James Irvine, three ranchos which would later become the city that bears Irvine's name.To manage Rancho Los Cerritos, the company selected Lewellyn's brother Jotham Bixby, the "Father of Long Beach". The Alamitos townsite was kept as a separate entity, but at first it was primarily run by Lewellyn and Jotham Bixby, although I.

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The Rancho Los Cerritos and Rancho Los Alamitos were divided from this territory.

The boundary between the two ranchos ran through the center of Signal Hill on a southwest to northeast diagonal.

Three years later Bixby bought into the property and would later form the Bixby Land Company. The Rancho Los Alamitos property was split up, with Hellman getting the southern third, Jotham and Lewellyn the northern third, and J. W, Hellman (who had the largest single share) had a significant veto power, an influence made even stronger as the J. Bixby heirs began to side with Hellman more and more.

In the 1870s as many as 30,000 sheep were kept at the ranch and sheared twice yearly to provide wool for trade. Hellman, Lewellyn and Jotham Bixby, and him, to purchase the rancho. Bixby named the streets and laid out the parks of his new city. When Jotham Bixby died in 1916, the remaining 3,500 acres (14 km The Pike was the most famous beachside amusement zone on the West Coast from 1902 until 1969, it offered bathers food, games and rides, such at the Sky Wheel dual Ferris wheel and Cyclone Racer roller coaster.

The city was the site of "The Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942" during World War II, when observers for the Army Air Corps reported shells being fired from the sea.


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