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You know, we save songs until we get them right."Judging from the video, the band appears to be aiming for an even more expansive sound with "Radioactive," using the children's choir for the song's background vocals.

"We went into the studio and we tried it and it wasn't really working, so we were going to scrap the whole song.

It starts with one of the fastest songs (the lead single, no less), peaks with the jangly mid-album cut “Eyes On You”, and closes with the title track, its only proper ballad.

A handful of oddball flourishes pepper the classic rock arc — most notably the funk-lite clavinet on “Around the World” and the Latin-tinged percussion of “Muchacho” — but the members of the Followill clan also never feel like they’re trying too hard.

They might be a pretty mainstream band, but the world would be a better place if the mainstream was filled with bands as amazing as Kings of Leon." - dmpulp (CHARMERS: Incubus17, troutmask, gosia_g, NAMR, jshopa, elayblooze, dmpulp, Slot_Machine_777, Drummer1956, Jonzo67, Talk Boxist, Microphone Fiend, warpig01, Chardizzle, Svetlana Monsoon) LINK: POLL #903 (June 2011) Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.