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” message when the body area is going through any asynchronous pos tback due to some activity on the wid get itself. The code behind the file is,however,quite challenging. It also stores a reference to the Wid get Instance object, which represents the instance of the wid get it contains.

Widget The Wid get Container class implements the IWid get Host interface because containers host wid gets.public partial class Wid get Container: System . Wid get Container then passes this property’s value to the widget via the IWidge t Host. During the On Init event of Wid get Container,it loads the widget using Load Control and hosts it inside its body area: If you do not set the wid get.

Wid get Container acts as a bridge between widgets and the core.

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To avoid down loading and refreshing a large amount of data in the whole widget,the header and body contain separate Update Panel controls.

There is an Up date Progress extender attached to the header Up date Panel, which shows a “Working…” indicator when the header is going through asynchronous post back.

ID to a specific ID that is always the same for the same widget instance, asynchronous post backs will fail.

You will get a message box saying an invalid asynchronous postback has been performed. NET needs to know which control has produced the post back.

To do this, it needs to load the page with all the controls exactly in the same state as before the post back occurred.