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They would need a way to renew all their resources; this could be explained by growing plants for food and air.

But they would also need an energy source of some kind, which there would have to be one not yet discovered by us back here on earth.

The facts: First off the price, it seems almost no theorist takes price into account when they come up with these ideas, NASA is already having trouble as it is keeping themselves funded.

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The Theory: The theory is the Nazis were much farther ahead than technology would allow them to be at the time.

It ranges wildly but one of the most popular versions is that the Nazis landed on the moon as early as 1942 and established a moon base on the dark side of the moon.

The Theory: The theory is the earth is actually hollow and is not filled with magma.

It ranges from there being several layered shells on the inside (usually four) to the inside having ground like ours, with 800 miles of crust between us and them, most people usually say there is also an inner sun.

There is also a castle in Europe with defenses set to defend against an attack from the inside out.