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After sharing a story about how we literally collided in Venice Beach a few years back, Boyd and I discuss in detail, the process behind expression through various artistic platforms; pausing only briefly to humorously witness a group youngsters posing by a tree for what would presumably be future acclaimed Instagram pictures. I am forever grateful to him and his band for being an inspiration for our band.To explore and purchase Brandon Boyd’s original art visit the shop at The passing of Scott Weiland is incredibly sad. I saw Stone Temple Pilots when I was kid and they were one of those bands that made us want to start being a band and playing music.In 2008, Urie became involved with a song for the Coca-Cola Company, called "Open Happiness".

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I had to respect other people's wishes, but I had a couple people come in who would ask me to sing for a tip.

Urie also sang back vocals on the track "7 Minutes In Heaven" off of Fall Out Boy's From Under The Cork Tree.

It’s really a loss for sure and I feel for his family too. It’s kind of nuts, I’m sure you’ve been to music festivals of recent. It’s basically that but for art – which I am totally down far.

How long have you been into art, when did you start? For as long as I can remember, I have been drawing things, writing things down and externalizing emotional circumstances. If I was sick or something and didn’t know what to do about it, I figured out if I would draw pictures of what was going on inside of me, what it felt like, it would eventually make me feel better.

at the Disco band members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker.