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Eren Jaeger: On this day, Edward will receive a grim reminder; that his shrimp ass can't step to Eren Jaeger!

My rhymes are stronger than a Titan; with better flow than Jean!

Edward Elric: I've got a Brotherhood of alchemists with me; you don't have a chance. I'll make sure to clip your Wings of Freedom, like the pigeon that you are! Just like when you were stuck in Nazi Germany, your future is looking grim!

You need to chill the hell out; your Wrath is getting out of hand. Eren: Pah, a normal titan could come up with a better verse! Edward Elric: Time to wreak Havoc on this trigger-happy twit! Eren is also..bloodthirsty when it comes to titans.

Edward Elric: Time to wreak Havoc on this trigger-happy twit!


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    - En lignende kampagne med sådanne skilte for næsten 20 år siden var en af de mest effektive fartkampagner, som Rådet for Sikker Trafik har gennemført.

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    And then, three months on, she did something completely unexpected and out of character: she started sleeping with other men.

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    He may have been small compared to similarly-aged boys, although in the photos we’ve seen he doesn’t look as young as reports say.

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    The developers of PG Dating Pro provided me with access to a demo website of their script in order to check it out for this review. I looked at a user’s profile and then switched from one tab to the other and it took 30 seconds to load.